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Sythetic Fibre Dyeing
Sythetic Fibre Dyeing
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    Code: WP-9780901956828
    Price: £110.00

    ISBN-13: 978 0 90195 682 8

    June 2004

    396 pages  234 x 156mm  paperback  

    Edited by C Hawkyard

    Since the dawn of civilisation mankind has been fashioning garments out of animal and vegetable fibres. The 20th century saw a rapid growth of the synthetic chemical industry based on coal tar and later petroleum. One of the main engines for this process was the huge market for new fibres made from polymers invented by this burgeoning industry. These new fibres, possessing as they do a multitude of desirable properties, placed new challenges on coloration technologists, as the dyes previously available were mostly totally unsuitable. Whole new ranges of dyes had to be developed and new ways of applying them.

    In the 21st century polyester has taken over from cotton as the most heavily used fibre. Polypropylene has moved ahead too, while nylon and acrylics remain as commercially important fibres. The increasing use of microfibres has been a notable trend in recent years, and environmental issues have come to the fore too.

    This book covers all these trends and has been assembled with contributions by a team of world-renowned experts, who provide a series of deep insights into this important area of technology.


















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